Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Airwaves, Used Steppenwolf Shirts and Hotel Graves.

We left Vermont in the rain and headed towards Newburyport, MA to play on the Evolvement radio show. We needed a replacement roof vent for the trailer, but didn’t have the time to stop. We taped it up the best we could and made the trip. Upon arrival we realized Chitwood’s bag had served as a holding tank for the water coming in. Now, his only dry shirt is a gifted thrift store Steppenwolf shirt.  “Better my bag than my guitars,” he said.

We were warmly welcomed by the staff of Evolvement Radio, set up and had some drinks provided by local sponsors. After a few short interviews, we played Livin’ and Until it All Ends acoustically. It sounded great and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it (including a new song that will be on the new album). It was a great warm up for the upcoming shows.

Evo Rad has a great thing going as an independent and globally syndicated radio show and we appreciate the opportunity to be involved. The show airs this Saturday. We’ll keep you posted.

Afterwards, we found a Best Western, and scored a room in the “back building”. The back building parking lot was peppered with used prophylactics and junk food wrappers. After holding the door for a mother of three hot boxing a cigarette, we quickly realized what was in our immediate future. We entered the room and were blasted with the smell of sweat in an overworked bathroom. After an early retirement, we woke up at 6:15am to two hotel staff members plunging the toilet while arguing with Chitwood in Spanish. Not the best start.

We stopped at an RV center and replaced the roof vent. We’re off to an early start to NYC. Tonight we play Sullivan Hall in the Village. So far, so good!


Waylon Speed


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  1. Most memorable quote ever: "We entered the room and were blasted with the smell of sweat in an overworked bathroom"